For those of you who don’t get the West Lothian Courier, here is the original article sent in for publication. It was set out by Anthea McAlpin. (She has granted permission to publish it on our website.)

It’s the Centenary Year of St Columba’s Episcopal Church on the Glasgow Road in Bathgate. To mark the occasion we decided to start off in grand style on Saturday 23rd January with a ‘Hymn Marathon’ lasting all day from 9.30 am until 7.30 pm. It was led by Jim Adamson along with St Columba’s church choir and augmented in the afternoon by St Peter’s, Linlithgow. The choir members were supported by various other local musicians and special thanks go to them including Josie Carnie, Margaret Lumsdale, Sandy McAlpin, Godfrey Henderson, Paul Goldfinch, James White, David Dobson and Innes Duncan who provided accompaniment on the organ, guitar and saxophone. Special thanks go to two stalwart choir members, Carol Main and Sandra Buchanan, who sang for the whole of the day!
Between the hourly singing sessions there were short breaks for sustenance with tea and coffee, home baking, bread and soup, and a hot meal at teatime. For this, our special thanks go to Janet Sinnet, Margaret Graham-Service and Doreen Starritt who kept us all fed and watered. Our thanks, too, for the magnificent and beautifully iced fruit cake baked by Liz Frew.
Our Rector, the Rev. Christine Barclay, was frequently heard singing heartily. She can also be seen regularly dashing over the hill, back and forth between the two congregations, accompanied by her cheeky wee doggie, a Westie called Millie. Always with an eye to the main chance, Millie is known to be anybody’s for a biscuit. She was caught by the photographer sitting suspiciously near to the aforementioned cake, not so much guarding it, as weighing up her chances for a sneaky treat when nobody was looking. Fortunately she was spotted and the cake survived to be the winning prize in the ‘Guess the Weight of the Cake’ competition, judged at the end of the Hymnathon.
The 190 hymns, psalms and spiritual songs were chosen by members of the two congregations, so the organists’ repertoires were taxed to the max as their fingers flew over the organ keys. It was a real community event and well attended both by friends from other local churches and neighbours from around the church. Our thanks go to all of them for helping to make this such a special day. It was lovely to meet so many new people.
We always like to support good causes, so some of the proceeds from our centenary events this year will be shared with our nominated charities, the Bathgate Memory Café and the Bathgate Street Pastors.


 January 23rd

BannerOn Saturday 23rd, St Columba’s Church held a Hymn Marathon. It started at 9.30am and finished at 7.30pm. The event was well attended throughout the day with attenders being supplied with tea, coffee and home baking. Soup and bread at lunchtime and a hot meal at tea time. The 10 hour Hymnathon was led by Jim Adamson.Other choir members from St Columba’s (and St Peter’s, Linlithgow) joined together for the day.

CakeLiz Frew baked a rich fruit cake for the occasion. Guess the weight of the cake took place – and was won by none other than our own Pam Mcdonald!

A real community event which saw Bathgate support the Church for the start of their Centennial year. Many thanks to all who took part. Special thanks go to our organists and musicians. (Josie Carnie, Margaret Lumsdale, Sandy McAlpin, Godfrey Henderson, David Dobson, Paul Goldfinch, James White,  and Innes Duncan). Not forgetting all who kept us fed and watered! Thanks to Janet Sinnet, Margaret Graham-Service and Doreen Starritt.

St Columba's Choir

St Columba’s Choir

St Peter's Linlithgow Choir

St Peter’s Linlithgow Choir

All together now

All together now

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